Surfing on Pacific vibes in the heart of Antwerp

real. sticks to a bowl full of creativity and inspiration

real. space agency shaped both the outside and the inside of Sticks ‘n Bowls Antwerp, a restaurant that surfs on pleasant Pacific vibes, through natural shapes, warm colours and organic materials.

Delicious tastes, inspired by the Pacific

Sticks ’n Bowls fills every food bowl with a delicious explosion of tastes. Its dishes refer to the Pacific, but are so much more than poké, as they are prepared with fresh ingredients that are often locally produced. For the design of its restaurant in Antwerp, Sticks ’n Bowls appealed to real. space agency. The task at hand was to come up with an interior that would reflect everything Sticks ’n Bowls stands for: quality, sustainability, a warm and homely feeling, and of course, some Pacific vibes.

Following nature’s rhythm and ethnical influences

The interior we designed for Sticks ‘n Bowls was equally inspired by the Pacific. It follows nature’s rhythm with organic shapes, warm materials, natural base colours and rough finishes. The dressing style of different ethnical groups that live round the Pacific inspired the rich colour accents, while patterns on the curtains and pillows are subtle references to their authentic crafts. Overall, the interior builds further on the graphical style that was developed by our colleagues of true. food agency.

On an exotic terrace, far away from here

The restaurant’s façade stands out thanks to the neon-lit Sticks ’n Bowls logo and the illuminated sign. On sunny days, clients can enjoy some shadow under the shed, which is decorated with one of the ethnic patterns. The pattern even seems to lure clients in. Next to that, wicker chairs and palm trees in terracotta pots create an exotic atmosphere. Suddenly, you find yourself on a terrace in one of the countries round the Pacific.

Organic vibes, optimism
& openness

When entering the restaurant, you immediately see the organic counter, which flows further into the open kitchen. The counter’s surface evokes the effect of sea water undulating over a rough sandy beach. Its bottom side is decorated with red plinths to emphasize the colourful and cultural dimensions. The kitchen itself radiates energy and optimism, thanks to the yellow tiles on the walls and the yellow color on the ceiling.

Filled with natural shapes and materials

By using a soft beige colour tone, we created a warm and cosy basis for the dining space. The rough finish of the walls and the melange-styled floor also refer to unspoilt nature and sandy beaches. Furthermore, the irregular and imperfect shapes as well as the natural materials are clear references to the Pacific’s natural environments. This organic style can also be perceived in the benches, the mirror and the shapes on the ceiling.

Getting a taste of positive reactions

When discovering this new horeca concept in Antwerp, customers generally react with enthusiasm. In the meantime, the restaurant made it onto New Places to Be, an independent hotspot guide ( On platforms like TripAdvisor, Sticks ‘n Bowls tends to receive generally positive reviews, with a 5-star rating on average. Surfing on waves of creativity,
real. space agency managed to conceive a universe that brings the full Sticks ’n Bowls experience to life.

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